B.A. Program

The Linguistics Major

Twelve courses (36 credits minimum), including Junior Year Writing.

Required core:
201 Introduction to Linguistic Theory
401 Introduction to Syntax
402 Speech Sounds and Structure
414 Introductory Phonetics for Linguists
510 Introduction to Semantics

Cross-linguistic requirement:
Two courses, from the following list:
370 The Sounds of Englishes
389 Introduction to African American English
391B Indigenous Languages of North America
404 Field Methods
594A Structure of African American English

Linguistically oriented courses on a language other than English at the 300-400 level and courses on the structure of a language other than English, with the approval of the Undergraduate Advisor

Note: Ordinary language courses do not count towards this requirement.

Departmental electives (5 courses):
Five additional courses are required. No course that is applied to any other requirement can be applied to this one. Otherwise, any linguistics class can be an elective, although no more than one 100-level class can be so used.

Students may select electives from certain related departments (e.g., Anthropology, Computer Science, Communication Disorders, Legal Studies, Philosophy, Psychology) to this requirement, but must receive prior approval from the undergraduate adviser.


Junior Year Writing requirement:
All majors must complete the Junior Year Writing requirement in the department. The departmental website lists courses that satisfy the requirement. The course need not be taken in the junior year.


Common requirements for all majors:
A grade of C or better must be earned in any course used to satisfy major requirements.


College of Humanities and Fine Arts requirement:

  • Foreign Language: All students must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at the intermediate level.


See the Undergraduate Program Guide for more details about College requirements.


University Graduation requirements:

See the Undergraduate Program Guide for more details about University graduation requirements, including General Education requirements.