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Semantics and Linguistic Theory 18

March 21-23, 2008


We are grateful for the financial support of Vice Provost Paul T. Kostecki and the UMass Amherst Graduate School, Dean Martin and the UMass Amherst College of Humanities and Fine Arts, and the UMass Amherst Linguistics Department.

We owe a special thanks to Sarah Vega-Liros and Lisa Selkirk, without whose expert help and support we could not have pulled this off.

Our thanks go also to our student volunteers, Jan Anderssen, Leah Bateman, Maria Biezma, Noah Constant, Christopher Davis, Amy Rose Deal, Emily Elfner, Meg Grant, Chenjie Gu, Jesse Aron Harris, Misato Hiraga, Karen Jesney, Wendell Kimper, Kathryn Pruitt, Aynat Rubinstein, Florian Schwarz, Pasha Siraj, Martin Walkow, and Matt Wolf.

The UMass Amherst Art Department generously loaned us the easels used during the poster sessions. Our thanks to them for keeping the posters aloft so artfully.

It is hard to imagine how the abstract reviewing process would have worked without Ezra Van Everbroeck's Pasha Web-based reviewing system. It's a tremendous gift to the community. Thank you, Ezra!

Finally, we extend our thanks to the SALT 18 reviewers and the SALT 18 program committee (all listed in the abstracts booklet), whose insightful, thoughtful comments were invaluable during the process of selecting the program.