Fall 2007 Course Schedule

101People and Their Language John McCarthyMW 1:25 - 2:15Bartlett 65
201 (Sec. A)Intro to Linguistic Theory Tanja Heizmann-DoldMWF 10:10 - 11:00Bartlett 127
201 (Sec. B)Intro to Linguistic Theory Ilaria FranaMWF 11:15-12:05artlett 205
201 (Sec. C)Intro to Linguistic Theory Elena InnesMWF 12:20-1:10Bartlett 302
201 (Sec. D)Intro to Linguistic Theory Jan AnderssenTuTh 9:30-10:45Bartlett 109
201 (Sec. E)Intro to Linguistic Theory Keir MoultonTuTh 11:15-12:30Bartlett 3
201 (Sec. F)Intro to Linguistic Theory Cherlon UsseryTuTh 1:00-2:15Bartlett 3
201 (Sec. G)Intro to Linguistic Theory Lisa GreenMW 1:25-2:15Thompson 102
390AControlling the Discourse Christopher PottsMWF 10:10-11:00Dickinson 112
391BHOral Styles and Discourse Modes in African American English (Honors) Lisa GreenMWF 11:15-12:05Morrill II - 132
401Intro to Syntax Rajesh BhattTuTh 1:00-2:15Dickinson 112
402Speech Sounds and Structure Joe PaterTuTh 2:30-3:45Dickinson 112
412Language Processing and the Brain Lyn FrazierTuTh 11:15-12:30Bartlett 127
414Intro Phonetics for Linguists John KingstonMWF 1:25-2:15Machmer W-26
601Intro to Transformational Grammar Kyle JohnsonTuTh 9:30-10:45
603Generative Phonology Joe PaterTuTh 11:15-12:30
605Language Change and Language Typology Ellen WoolfordTuTh 11:15-12:30Herter 444
610Semantics and Generative Grammar Angelika KratzerMWF 10:10-11:00
712Psycholinguistics Lyn FrazierM 2:30-5:15Herter 106
720Proseminar on Semantic Theory Paula Menendez-BenitoTu 2:30-5:15Herter 110
730Proseminar Phonological Theory Elisabeth SelkirkTuTh 1:00-2:15Herter 342
750Proseminar in Syntax Kyle JohnsonW 2:30-5:15Herter 106
794BLearnability and Syntax Rajesh Bhatt / Thomas RoeperTh 2:30-5:15Herter 106
797AThird Year Seminar Angelika KratzerM 11:10-1:10; W 11:15-12:05Herter 214