201 (Sec. G) Intro to Linguistic Theory (3 units)

Fall 2007


MW 1:25-2:15 - Thompson 102


Lisa Green []


Disc 1: F 9:05-9:55 (Maria Biezma-Garrido; ) Bartlett 109

Disc 2: F 10:10-11:00 (Aynat Rubinstein; ) Bartlett 35

Disc 3: F 11:15-12:05 (Misato Hiraga; ) Arnold 136

Disc 4: F 1:25-2:15 (Masashi Hashimoto; ) Herter 117

Disc 5: F 12:20-1:10 (Masashi Hashimoto; ) Herter 209

Disc 6: F 1:25-2:15 (Maria Biezma-Garrido; ) Herter 118

Disc 7: F 1:25-2:15 (Misato Hiraga; ) Herter 113

Disc 8: F 1:25-2:15 (Aynat Rubinstein; ) Herter 206


This course will introduce students to basic methodology in modern theoretical linguistics. Its focus will be on the kinds of linguistic knowledge speakers possess and the mental representation of this knowledge. We will pursue questions about the structure of linguistic knowledge and principles of human languages by investigating the grammatical sequences that conform to rules of languages (syntax), patterning of sounds (phonology), structure of words (morphology), and meanings of expressions (semantics). The course will also consider acquisition data from speakers of different languages and dialects of English in relation to the rules and principles and basic methodology introduced in the course. Students will carry out introductory linguistic description and analysis.