750 Proseminar in Syntax (3 units)

Fall 2012


TuTh 11:15-12:30 - South College 301


Ellen Woolford []


Treatment in depth of a selected area of linguistic theory, with emphasis on developing students' ability to conduct research in syntactic theory.

Fall 2012 syntax seminar

Issues at the Syntax/Morphology Interface

There is disagreement in the literature as to whether the solutions to a range of interesting problems involve syntax or morphological spell out. In this seminar, we will explore the possibility that the solutions to some such problems actually involve both a syntactic and a spell out component. The general theme is the nature of these two levels and how they interact. Questions to be discussed include the kinds of devices/processes available at each level, what roles features play at each level, why certain nodes and features must be spelled out and not others, why features from more than one node can be spelled out by a single morpheme, what produces the effect of morphological ‘slots’ in complex verbs, and why do multiple morphemes sometimes compete for a single such ‘slot’.