720 Proseminar on Semantic Theory (3 units)

Fall 2011


Tu 2:30-5:15 - Partee Room (SC 301)


Angelika Kratzer []


A bridge between the introductory courses 610 and 620 and more advanced seminars. Content variable from year to year.

Fall 2011: "Strategies of Quantification around the World"

The topic of the seminar will be quantification strategies from a cross-linguistic perspective, including Japanese/Korean-style indeterminates, universal and existential free choice items, wide scope indefinites, and various types of polarity sensitive indefinites.

Most sessions will be run as intensive, lab-style, working groups, not usually open to auditors. The seminar will meet as one, three-hour, intensive block, where everyone in the room, instructor and students, contributes something related to making progress towards clarifying and solving a particular puzzle.