620 Formal Semantics (3 units)

Spring 2008


MWF 10:10 - 11:00 - Hasbrouck Lab Add 106


Paula Menendez-Benito []


This course is a continuation of LING 610. We will seek a deeper understanding of the tools of linguistic semantics and the ways that theycan yield insights into natural language meanings. Our focus will be on typed intensional logics. With a solid understanding of them, we will be prepared to explore alternatives and refinements (e.g., situation semantics, event semantics, dynamic semantics) and better understand what it means to interface with syntax (e.g., categorial grammar, Glue semantics, logical forms). We can marry these formal investigations with a wide variety of topics (e.g., modality, tense, quantification, plurality). The choice of topics will in part be guided by the interests and concerns of the students. Recommended texts: Heim and Kratzer's (1998) Semantics in Generative Grammar; Carpenter's (1997) Type-Logical Semantics. Some articles will be distributed in class.