752 Topics in Syntax (3 units)

Spring 2011


TuTh 2:30-3:45 - Dickinson 206


Ellen Woolford []


Action at the Syntax/PF Interface The focus of the Spring 2011 syntax seminar will be on the division of labor between syntax and PF. An interesting line of recent research is suggesting new approaches to a range of problems that have resisted solution in purely syntactic terms. These approaches involve combinations of syntax, morphology, phonology and prosodic structure. In addition to problems involving linearization, deletion/insertion of words or morphemes, and decisions as to how to spell-out certain words or morphemes, this approach shows promise with respect to cracking superficially complex agreement patterns without unduly enriching the arsenal of syntactic devices available in UG, nor overly empowering PF. In this seminar, we will read and discuss recent work in this area and consider the possibility of extending this approach to other problems of interest to seminar participants.