751 Topics in Phonology (3 units)

Spring 2010


TuTh 2:30 - 3:45 - Herter 204




Joe Pater []


The topic of this research seminar varies from year to year, so it may be repeated for credit. This course is typically a cooperative venture, with faculty, students, and visitors contributing the result of their research. The topic of this spring's phonology seminar is "models of phonological learning". We'll be considering phonological acquisition mostly from the perspective of OT and related theories, but we'll also be considering other models of phonological learning, and will thus be reading fairly widely in the literature. The course will consist of discussions related to each week's readings. All are welcome, but the discussion may not make much sense if you don't do the reading beforehand. Along with phonologists, others interested more generally in acquisition and/or computational approaches to learning may find relevant things in the syllabus. I'll keep the syllabus updated at this web address, and will make sure that the all the readings have URLs soon. You only need to let me know that you are coming if you want to make sure to have your own copy of the handout! The only required reading for the first class is the overview accompanying the syllabus. Contact me if you want to follow the class, and I'll send you links to some of the next few readings.