510 Intro to Semantics (4 units)

Spring 2010


TuTh 11:15- 12:30 - Machmer W-22


Seth Cable []


Disc 1: W 2:30PM - 3:35PM (Aynat Rubinstein; ) Bartlett 202


One of mankind's most distinctive and consequential cognitive capacities is our unique ability to form an unlimited number of novel, meaningful expressions. This course introduces students to the formal study of one facet of this capacity, specifically, the cognitive systems that compute the meaning of complex linguistic expressions. Throughout the semester, students will be trained in the tools and techniques of semantic theory, as well as certain basic results of the field. Students will develop experience with a particular formal semantic system, largely by learning how such a system can be adjusted and expanded in order to cover ever-larger domains of linguistic phenomena. Through the development of this formal system, students will gain a better understanding of how the human mind is able, through language, to express an infinite variety of thoughts and experiences.