711 Language Acquisition (3 units)

Fall 2009


Tu 4:00-6:30 p.m. - Herter 119


Thomas Roeper []


This seminar will meet jointly with SPANISH 797FS - ST-Advanced Seminar on First and Second Language Acquisition, taught by Prof. Luis Amaral, Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

Formal Approaches Common to L1 and L2 Luiz Amaral/Tom Roeper

Luiz Amaral is a new professor in the Spanish department and an expert on HPSG and L2 acquisition.

We will offer a joint seminar on L1/L2 comparisons which will include an introduction to HPSG and comparison with minimalist approaches, in particular on Multiple Grammars (see Kroch, Yang, Roeper).

The course will explore L2 theories and their relation to L1 with a focus on domains where there has been work in both areas, including quantification, wh-movement, pro-drop and object drop, and other topics.

Students will be encouraged to develop particular projects. Since some of the students from Spanish are currently teaching L2 classes, we hope that small joint projects with linguistics students can be organized and carried out in the course of the semester.

Syllabus with readings is attached