Reference Sites

Pre-Law on Campus

The Legal Studies Research Guide
(thanks to Barbara Morgan/Law Librarian)

UMass Library

UMass Law Collection

Oyez, a Supreme Court Multimedia site

A legal dictionary

Another legal dictionary

A general legal reference site (Nolo)

Blackletter law sites

Metaindex at Catalaw

More Law Resources on the Net

Reinhart list of Law Resources

THOMAS: Legislative Information (Library of Congress)

portal to US Gov.:

Official Mass web site

legal education network

US Code

Code of Federal Regulations

Congressional Quarterly
(from John Campbell)

United Nations Foundation - UNwire
(Thanks Jim Duda)


Of interest

CISA, the Five College center for Crossroads In the Study of the Americas

Student Guide @ financial aid

Conflict Resolution in Higher Ed.

Dred Scott documents

Law in Popular Culture


Center for Information Technology & Dispute Resolution

Summaries of court decisions shaping the law of the web

How Stuff Works


Law & Society Association

History Matters





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