Do the >Haves= Still Come out Ahead? The University of Wisconsin Law School will sponsor a multi-disciplinary conference/ workshop in the spring of 1998 to assess the scholarly impact of perhaps the most important, influential, and widely cited article ever published in the Law and Society field, Marc Galanter's "Why the 'Haves' Come Out Ahead: Speculations on the Limits of Legal Change" [9 Law & Society Review 95-160 (1974)]. Papers delivered at the conference will be submitted for publication on a refereed basis to the Review in 1999, the 25th anniversary of the article's original publication and the 35th anniversary of the Law and Society Association. Professors Stewart Macaulay and Bert Kritzer of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Professor Joel Grossman of Johns Hopkins University, will serve as conference organizers and directors.

Galanter's article provided a blueprint for analyzing the relative advantages and disadvantages of litigants in the American legal system. His framework suggested the close interconnection between law and society, the impact of the distribution of power and resources in a democratic society, and the necessary connection between the structure and functioning of the legal system and ongoing processes of legal and social change. The conference will focus on how Galanter's ideas and concepts have been employed in sociolegal research, whether the have's really do (or still do) come out ahead, and how Galanter's ideas might be modified to apply to different legal systems and legal cultures, and changing societal conditions.

Those who wish to deliver a paper at the conference should submit an abstract (limited to 500 words) of the proposed paper, and a short biographical statement, by mail or email, not later than October 1st, 1997. Those who wish to participate in the conference as commentators should so indicate by letter or email to the same address. We seek participants from a variety of academic disciplines, and encourage submissions from outside North America. Invitations to participate in the conference will be made by November 1st, 1997.

Send Abstracts and other Communications to: Galanter Conference; c/o Professor Stewart Macaulay; Law School; University of Wisconsin-Madison; 975 Bascom Mall; Madison, WI 53706; fax: 608-262-5485; Email:

New RCSL Working Group Being Organized: Bill Felstiner, chair of the Working Group on the Comparative Study of the Legal Professions, of the Research Committee on the Sociology of Law (ISA), is considering establishing a sub-group of researchers working on any aspects of lawyer-client relations. The Working Group meets biennially in Europe: the next meeting scheduled for Jully, 1998 in Oņati, Spain. Interested scholars should contact Bill by e-mail at

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