Law & Conscience

Legal Studies 491C, Fall 2008

Meets Wednesdays, 3:35 - 6:00.
Some class meetings will be in Herter 342, some in 302 Gordon Hall, and some in campus auditoria for film viewings.

Stephen Arons
120 Gordon Hall
Office hours



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Course Materials

  • The books are available from the Jeffrey Amherst Bookstore textbook annex behind the storee in the Center of Amherst
  • Blind Ambition is out of print and there may not be any copies at the bookstore; those who do not buy Blind Ambition there should order it soon through an online seller of used books such as alibris or amazon. Be sure to purchase all the books before "extras" are sent back to the publishers.
  • Access to Rights on Trial (which is also out of print) will be arranged through the University library and inter-library loan, and you will be informed in November about how this loan program will work
  • We will determine on September 10th whether you should buy "An Enemy of the People" or "Galileo"

Last updated on November 4, 2008






Bolt, A Man for All Seasons
Camus, The Stranger
Zinn, Emma
Ibsen/Miller, An Enemy of the People
Brecht, Galileo
Colby, Long Goodbye
Dean, Blind Ambition
Kinoy, Rights On Trial


The Front;
King: Montgomery to  Memphis;
Constitution in Crisis


Optional Reading

Edited version of Cruzan v. Missouri (in pdf)