Law & Public Policy
Legal Studies 397N, Fall 2008
1:00 - 2:15 in Herter 119

Stephen Arons
120 Gordon Hall
Office hours
Tu 2:30 - 4, W 12:30 - 2, Th 11 - 12 and Fri. a.m. by prior appt. only




Available in pdf and Word
(revised 9/8/08)


Course Materials

  • Legal Research Manual, 2nd ed., Wren (at Jeffrey/Amherst bookstore annex
  • Materials in electronic reserve -- password protected. You'll need access to a computer and a @student account.
  • Class handouts



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Exam Questions

Exam questions for exam number 2 (in Word and pdf)



Final Research Paper, Due Wednesday, December 17th (in Word and pdf)

Bouvia v. Superior Court (in pdf)

Policy memo assignment on military/civilian draft, Due November 18th (in Word and pdf)

Policy memo assignment on reproductive rights:
Due Monday October 27 (in Word and pdf)

research exercises: due dates and instructions
(in Word and pdf)



I. Optional Readings on Gender and Ideology

"The continuing effort to limit reproductive freedoms" (in pdf)

"I Now Pronounce you Totally Confused" by Dahlia Lithsick (in pdf)

Blocking Care for Women, by Hillary Rodham Clinton & Cecile Richards (in pdf and word)


II. Optional Readings on End of Life Care

"Colby:/Long Goodbye: the Deaths of Nancy Cruzan/(excerpts) " (in pdf)

Kansas v. Naramore, Opinion of the Ct. of Appeals (in Word or pdf)

A Dozen Caveats Concerning the Discussion of Euthanasia in the Netherlands,
by Battin (in pdf)

Bazelton Center on Establishing a Right to Palliative Care at the End of Life, by Wilson (in pdf)

The opinion of the US Supreme Court in Oregon v. Gonzales can be found
at 126 S. Ct. 904 (2006).

Medical Association Amicus brief in Oregon v. Ashcroft (in pdf)

Kamisar, Against PAS (in pdf)



III. Required Readings

"Gonzales v. Carhart (2007) (in pdf and word)