Studio Projects

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MLA Studio: Materiality and Design

Working with form, texture, color ,and value, students investigate the design principles of pattern and transformation and the material qualities of plants.

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MLA Studio: Sculptural Contours

Exploring contour drawing as a powerful two-dimensional graphic device used to represent the vertical dimension and the shape of land, students create sculptural reliefs based on line drawings.

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MLA Studio: Visual Books

Students explore and understand the site, expressing their understanding through the creation of a “visual book” about the site.

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MLA Studio: Stairs and Platforms

Given a sloped site, students create places for movement and resting using topography, stairs, and platforms.

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MLA Studio: Horizontals and Verticals

Beginning with a vocabulary based on patterns and geometries, students explore shaping space with a very limited palette of trees and shrubs in order to create spaces for resting and moving.

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MLA Studio: Sticks and Stones

Using materials harvested from the landscape, students create a design using sticks and stones, bringing them together to construct a new creation in space that are then documented through drawings.

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MLA Studio: Design Intervention

Students use 37 identical objects to create a site intervention that engages the site as a context for design, creates spaces within a given landscape, and uses scale and details for the experience of a space by humans.

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Sophomore Studio

Students moved through a series of exercises, beginning with abstract two-dimensional patterns of spatial organization and ending with the three-dimensional living systems of plants.

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