Studio Projects

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LandArch 494LI - Green Infrastructure for Framingham, Massachusetts: Greenway Planning and Cultural Landscape Design

Instructors:  Robert L. Ryan & Peter Flinker



Teaching Assistant
Alyssandra Black
Springfield's X - From Crossroads to Center

“Springfield’s “X” - From Crossroads to Center” received the Boston Society of Landscape Architects Honor Award 2014.

Teaching Assistant
Along the Chicopee River from the Mills to the Ludlow Bridge - Creating a Vision for Indian Orchard

Graduate Urban Design Studio (Spring 2012).

Teaching Assistant
Lawrence Greenway Proposal

LA 494LI - Senior Capstone Landscape Architecture Studio

Report: Team1 Team2 Team3 Team4 Team5 

Teaching Assistant
Samantha Anderson
Connect Historic Boston Initiative
Teaching Assistant
MLA Studio: Urban Design
Teaching Assistant
MLA Studio: Green Infrastructure Infiltration
Teaching Assistant
MLA Studio: Campus Quad Design

Students design a space on campus that can serve as a new “quad” that responds to the campus context and the conditions of the site.

Teaching Assistant