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Ervin Zube Lecture Series


Thursdays at 4:00 pm
Procopio Room, 105 Hills North. Light refreshments will be served.

The Zube lecture series is named for Ervin Zube, former head of LARP from 1974 to 1980. Professor Zube is internationally known for his leadership in developing a culture of academic research in the profession of landscape architecture. His research made numerous seminal contributions to landscape planning theory and practice. Ervin left UMass for the University of Arizona, where he continued his renowned research and teaching until he passed away in 2001.

Ervin and his wife Margaret endowed at UMass in 2004 to “bring scholars to the department to stimulate and enrich our academic community in landscape architecture and planning." The Zube endowment has been supported generously by alumni, students and faculty.

We honor their leadership and generosity through the lecture series which continues to enrich our community with the thoughts and works of local, national and international academic and professional leaders. The department is pleased to accept donations of any amount to continue to build and enlarge the endowment.

Please check LARP Public Calendar for previous Zube Lecture series.
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Fall 2014 we are hosting: 

September 18
Kerry Spitzer, Visiting Scholar, Mount Holyoke College, PhD Candidate, MIT
Veterans and Housing Policy: Current Research

September 25 (* Special Location: Fine Art Center 465*)
Elizabeth Brabec, Professor of Landscape Architecture, UMass Amherst
Urban Agriculture: Is it really about food security?

October 2
Eric Gonzales, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UMass Amherst
Coordinating Cars and Transit in to Relieve Congestion in Cities

October 9
Wayne Feiden, Planning Director, City of Northampton, MA; Adjunct Faculty, LARP
Small Lots, Small Units, BIG IDEAS: Development that promotes the walkable and sustainable city.

October 23
J P Shadley, FASLA, Shadley Associates
Why it's worth it: JP Shadley, FASLA, will share examples of current work, thoughts on practice and passion for the profession of landscape architecture.

October 30
Steven Moga, PhD, Assistant Professor, Smith College Landscape Studies
An Olfactory Landscape: City Building in Nineteenth-Century New York and the Case of Harlem Flats

November 6
Sonja Dpisceph, Head of Research Group, HafenCity Universitat Hamburg
Urban regions faced with climate change impacts: towards resilient land-use planning

November 13
Leigh Graham, Assistant Professor, Urban Affairs, John Jay College, CUNY;  doctoral faculty, Environmental Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center
Protection, recreation, occupation: Setting recovery priorities in Rockaway, Queens after Superstorm Sandy

November 20
James Kostaras, Senior Fellow, Institute for International Urban Development (I2UD)
Planning in the Global South: Building the capacity of communities in Belize

November 25 (* Special Day: TUESDAY*)
Ziying Tang, LARP MLA Alumni; Co-founder, Principle, Z+T Studio, Shanghai, China
Dong Zhang, LARP MLA Alumni; Co-founder, Principle, Z+T Studio, Shanghai, China

Z+T Studio's Current Award Winning Work and Practice of Landscape Architecture