International Programs and Study Tours

Urban Sustainability and Landscape Architecture Study Tour
Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Paris
Spring 2015 LA 593

This course addresses theory and best practices of urban sustainability including: sustainable transportation, pedestrianization, urban land use planning, brownfield redevelopment and park/open space planning, and design in preparation of travel.
Instructor: Jack Ahern,

Planning for Climate Change:
Seminar + Field Study in Belize
Spring 2015 RP 685
(open to undergraduates by permission)

Curious about planning for climate change and disaster resilience?  Want to apply your skills to a real-life community?  Hoping to learn about different experiences and cultures in a moderate-income country?  Like to work in interdisciplinary teams on a hands-on project?  Join this seminar + field study course on planning for climate change and disaster resilience in beautiful Caribbean Belize!
Instructor: Elisabeth Hamin,

Sustainable Urbanism Study Tour
Berlin, Germany and Copenhagen, Denmark
Spring 2013 LA 593F

This course addresses the theory and practice of sustainable urbanism through seminar discussions on theory and best practices of sustainable urbanism including: urban planning policies, energy and waste management, transportation, brownfield regeneration and urban greenspace planning and design.  The seminars are followed with a two week study tour to Berlin and Copenhagen to learn, firsthand of how each city addresses sustainable planning through plans, policies and built projects.
Instructor: Jack Ahern,

The Urban Planning and Sustainability Project (UPSP)

UPSP is under the U.S. DOE/FIPSE US Brazil Consortia. It consists of an international partnership between the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (UMass), California State University, Northridge (CSUN), and the Brazilian Federal University of Goiás (UFG) and Federal Uberlândia (UFU). The project offers U.S. students $5,000 stipends to attend planning classes, and to advance Portuguese learning while having firsthand experience of urban planning and sustainability in Brazil.

The UMass/LARP students Dan Samberg, Elena Hadley and Emily Grogan attended UFG/BR and UFU/BRA in spring 2012, and students Sara Hopps and Natalia von Hausen will be attending UFG/BR in spring 2013.
Contact:  Mark Hamin,


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