Computing Resources

Department requires all LARP Students to have their own Windows Compatible laptop computer. PDF icon Computer Guide 2017

Computer Lab Hours

  • DB 260 Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm
  • DB 235  24/7

Digital Media TA Hours (DB 235) You can also make appointments with the digital media TAs for a tutoring session by email. Special TA help hours will be provided during presentation weeks. 
Monday 5 - 8 pm Sarah Welch (
Tuesday 5 -  8 pm Allison Gramolini (
Saturday 4 - 7 pm  Allison Gramolini
Sunday 4 - 7 pm  Sarah Welch

Large Size Scan (DB 210)
Fill out a scan request form in the main office (DB 210), attach it to your drawing(s), dropbox is behind the door. (At least 24hrs notice is required.)

Printers & Plotter (DB 260A)

  • Black & White Printer: 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17, single & double sided (1 page 8.5x11 costs $ 0.04)
  • Color Printer: 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17, single & double sided (1 page 8.5x11 costs $ 0.28)
  • T1200 Plotter: 36" wide (24x36 costs $7.002)
  • T1530 Plotter: 36" wide
  • T1300 plotter: 24" wide
    (Please make sure the file you are plotting is under 10mb, the smaller the better). 

Remote print from your personal laptop (mac version will be available for downloading soon)
Please download & install the software packages from

  • Design Building Plotters (Remote)
  • Design Building Printers (Remote) 

Workshop Instructions
How to print & scan in the Computer Lab
Graphic Examples
GIS Mapping Basics
PhotoShop Basics
InDesign Basics 
InDesign Example
GIS Slope Analysis

Software Tutorials
Professor Mark Lindhult's Tutorial Video Channel (AutoCAD, PhotoShop, Illustrator, & etc.)
Rhino User's Guide Pdf & Exercise Models (Updated on 6/19/2015)
Rhino 5 Level 1 Training Guide and Models (Updated in 09/02/2014)
Rhino 5 Level 2 Training Guide and Models (Updated on 01/28/2015)
Grasshopper Tutorials
Grasshopper Primer
Lumion 3D Tutorials

Rendering Tips
Basic SketchUp Model Rendering in PhotoShop
Vyonyx Rendering Tutorials
Visulizing Architecture by Alex Hogrefe 
Ronenbekerman - Architectural Visualization Blog
Architecture Rendering Styles

Other Links
Hoonuit (previously Atomic Learning) at UMass Amherst
UMass Library Digital Media Lab
Snazzy Maps
Graphic Design for Architects : A Manual for Visual Communication
LARP Student Gallery
ASLA Awards Recipients
MassGIS Datalayers
Boston Redevelopment Authority Maps & GIS Data
Boston Building Footprint with Height(GIS Data)