Dissertations & Theses

MLA    MRP   Ph.D. in Planning


Regional Planning Doctoral Dissertations Collection

Dissertations from 2013

Climate Change Adaptation: A Green Infrastructure Planning Framework for Resilient Urban Regions, Yaser F. Abunnasr

Social vulnerability, green infrastructure, urbanization and climate change-induced flooding: A risk assessment for the Charles River watershed, Massachusetts, USA, Chingwen Cheng

Dissertations from 2012

From Tank Trails to Technology Parks: the Impact of Base Redevelopment for New England, Bernd F. Schliemann

Dissertations from 2011

Reasons for Local Smart Growth Efforts: An Evaluation of the Commonwealth Capital Program and its Outcomes in Massachusetts, Jia Jia

Preserving Urban Landscapes as Public History --- A Qualitative Study of Kensington Market, Toronto, Na Li

Dissertations from 2010

Using social capital to promote and improve community preparedness for wildfires, Menka Bihari

School-Wide Positive Behavior Support: Student surveys of expectations and safety, Lisa A Fisher

Greenspace Conservation Planning Framework for Urban Regions Based on a Forest Bird-Habitat Relationship Study and the Resilience Thinking, Sadahisa Kato

Building Main Street: Village Improvement and the Small Town Ideal, Kirin Makker

Dissertations from 2009

An Assessment of Natural Resources Management Conflicts in the Working Landscapes of Mediterranean Turkey (Turkiye): Koprulu Kanyon National Park, Nedim Kemer

Dissertations from 2008

Poverty, deforestation and land tenure institutions: The case of the communities living in Guatemala's Maya Biosphere Reserve, Bayron Milian

Dissertations from 2005

Citizen participation in U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development programs: From the Great Society to the New Federalism, Mark T Tigan

Dissertations from 2004

City center revitalization and public private partnerships, lessons from foreign experiences and implications for Portugal, Carlos Jose Lopes Balsas

Dissertations from 2003

The entrepreneurial powers of local government: Dillon's Rule revisited, Kenneth F Payne

Dissertations from 2002

Beyond modeling in environmental and urban planning: Planning support systems and the case study of Lisbon and Porto Metropolitan Areas, Portugal, Elisabete Manuela Alves da Silva

Landscape architecture and social responsibility: Emerging concepts from a a study of practice, Kyle Douglas Brown

Plans for regional landscape structure: Image, identity and integrity in the land, Carmela M Canzonieri

Dissertations from 2001

Illuminating the position of landscape planning today: Decline and potential rebirth, Mary Margaret Bryant

Dissertations from 1999

Planning in divided societies: A case study of the introduction of regional planning in Northern Ireland, 1964--1970, Maureen Elizabeth Moriarty-Lempke

Dissertations from 1998

The content and meaning of change in Finnish housing policy, Kate Griffin

The cultural landscape and the uniqueness of place: A greenway heritage network for landscape conservation of Lisbon Metropolitan Area, Luis F Ribeiro

Benefits arising from the application of geographic information systems to complex regional environmental planning problems, Richard Paul Taupier

Dissertations from 1997

Landscape architects and citizen participation: A study of the Boston Southwest Corridor (1976--1986), Katherine Crewe

Integrated national park planning to support conservation in British Africa: Lessons from the Luangwa River Valley, Zambia, John Asbury McGee

Dissertations from 1995

Implications of Geographic Information System technology for planning education, Ann-Margaret Esnard

Dissertations from 1994

Reimagining community: Community arts and cultural planning in America, Craig Allen Dreeszen

Rethinking industrial policy: Impacts on industrial communities in New England, Zenia Kotval

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Regional Planning Masters Theses Collection

MRP Theses from 2013

Energy Efficiency Programs at All Utilities: An Analysis of the Factors that Lead Electric Utilities to Invest in Energy Efficiency, Christopher J. Pletcher

MRP Theses from 2012

Incorporating Sustainable Building into Local Development: An Assessment of Green Design Practices within the MetroWest Corridor Partnership, Jacqueline Brown

Community Land Trusts and Rental Housing: Assessing Obstacles to and Opportunities for Increasing Access, Maxwell Ciardullo

The Role of Structural Stormwater Best Management Practices, Impervious Surfaces and Natural Factors on Base Flow in Massachusetts, Kimberly B. Klosterman

Comparative Analysis of Maori of Aotearoa and James Bay Cree of Eeyou Istechee Cultural Heritage Values and Political Histories of Land Tenure Systems, Erin Schaeffer

Locating Environmental Justice Populations: A Method for Identifying Vulnerable Populations in Massachusetts, Zachary S. Silverman

Cruise Tourism in St.Lucia; Promoting Locally Owned and Operated Tourism Businesses, Kristin M. Styles

Food System Planning in Western Massachusetts: A Community Organization Assessment, Arianna R. G. Thompson

MRP Theses from 2011

Exploring the Relationship between Neighborhood Social Interactions and Urban Sprawl in U.S Metropolitan Regions, Liliana Carvajal

Low-Income Mothers and Their Pursuit of Food in a Rural Massachusetts County: A Qualitative Study from a Feminist Point of View, Elise Gifford

An Assessment of Regional Partnerships for Economic Development through the National Heritage Area Collaborative Model, Kimberley McKee

How Well do Neighborhood Characteristics Predict Transit Ridership in a College Town?, Krystal M. Oldread

An Ecosystem Approach to the Sustainability of Urbanizing Watersheds, Sarah L. Raposa

Modeling Space Heating Demand in Massachusetts’ Housing Stock and the Implications for Climate Change Mitigation Policy, Nathan H. Robinson

Policy Relevant Measures of Urban Form: LEED-ND as a Potential Metric for Assessing Regional Sprawl, Kyle Shiel

An Analysis of Defensible Space and Crime Prevention Through Design in Crime Hotspots of Select Boston Neighborhoods, Mario Teran

A Study of The Video Game Industry In U.S Metropolitan Areas Using Occupational Analysis, Hinlan Wong

MRP Theses from 2010

Examining Connecticut's Inter-Municipal Economic Development Collaboration as Affected by the EDA's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Framework, Meredith E. Hill

Planning for Passenger Rail in Small Cities and Towns, Alyssa R. Larose

Socio-spatial Constructs of the Local Retail Food Environment: A Case Study of Holyoke, Massachusetts, Walter F. Ramsey

Evaluating Strategies to Create Successful Business Incubators in Massachusetts Gateway Cities, Sonya C. Smith

Human Capital in the City: Exploring the Relationship Between Skill and Productivity in US Metropolitan Areas, Ryan Wallace

MRP Theses from 2009

Designing a Foodshed Assessment Model: Guidance for Local and Regional Planners in Understanding Local Farm Capacity in Comparison to Local Food Needs, Shemariah Blum-Evitts

Evaluating Methods for Measuring and Managing the Cumulative Visual Effects of Oil and Gas Development on Bureau of Land Management National Conservation Lands in the Southwestern United States, Tara L. Germond

Modes, Means and Measures: Adapting Sustainability Indicators to Assess Preservation Activity's Impact on Community Equity, Mackenzie M. Greer

Municipal Planners and Fair Housing Issues, Alina T. Gross

THREE STATE-RUN GREEN BUILDING PROGRAMS: A Comparative Case Study Analysis and Assessment, Haidee N. Janak

Parking Regulation Strategies and Policies to Support Transit-Oriented Development, Ryan W. Lundergan

Garnering Transit Ridership: A Case Study of Transit Use by Refugee and Limited English Proficiency Groups in Manchester, New Hamsphire, Carrie Ward

MRP Theses from 2008

Stores as Schools: An Adaptive Reuse Alternative For Communities Dealing With Underutilized Commercial Space and Overcrowded Schools, Jayne M. Bernhard and Jayne M. Bernhard

Ave Maria and Celebration: An Examination of the Visionary Influences on the Design and Development of two New Town Intentional Communities in the State of Florida, Kathleen Cahill

An Analysis of Methods for Identifying Local Import Substitution Opportunities to Foster Sustainable Regional Economies, David Elvin

Developing a Municipal Fair Housing and Land Use Curriculum, Ethan Parsons

MRP Theses from 2007

The Impacts of Tourism and Development in Nicaragua: A Grassroots Approach to Sustainable Development, Jennifer Atwood Burney

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Landscape Architecture Masters Theses Collection

MLA Theses from 2013

Negotiating Postwar Landscape Architecture: The Practice of Sidney Nichols Shurcliff, Jeffrey Scott Fulford M.D., M.P.H., M.L.A.

The Lovely and the Wild: Considering Naumkeag, Carol Waag

MLA Theses from 2012

Public Art - Purpose and Benefits: Exploring Strategy in the New England City of Pittsfield, MA, Pamela Jo Landi

Environmental Design Research and the Design of Urban Open Space: A Study of Current Practice in Landscape Architecture, Jennifer Masters

Culture, Community Development, and Sustainability in a Post-Freeway City, Bryan Obara

Elements of Sustainable Urbanism and Strategies for Landscape Development: Design of Green City, Jie Su

MLA Theses from 2011

Bioretention: Evaluating their Effectiveness for Improving Water Quality in New England Urban Environments, Mary Dehais

Landscapes of Compassion: A Guatemalan Experience, Travis W. Shultz

Schoolyard Renovations in the Context of Urban Greening: Insight from the Boston Schoolyard Initiative, Boston, Massachusetts, Katherine A. Tooke

Retrofitting Suburbs: Prioritizing BMP Implementation to Reduce Phosphorus Runoff, Emily S. Wright

MLA Theses from 2010

Strengthening Urban Green: Using Green Infrastructure for Biodiversity Improvement in Boston's Highly Fragmented Urban Environments, Christopher L. Mantle

Communicating Landscape Design Intent to the Non-expert: Small Experiments Using Collage, Deborah Zervas

MLA Theses from 2009

The Community Garden as a Tool for Community Empowerment: A Study of Community Gardens in Hampden County, Shanon C. Kearney

MLA Theses from 2008

Alleys: Negotiating Identity in Traditional, Urban, And New Urban Communities, Sara A. Hage

Rural Character in the Hilltowns: Understanding Attitudes About Planning in the Context of Attachment to Place, Anna J. Sadler

Testing the New Suburbanism: Exploring Attitudes of Local Residents in Metropolitan Boston toward Residential Neighborhoods and Sustainable Development, Nicole A. West

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