The Center for Resilient Metro-regions (CRM)

Robert Ryan, Center Director

The Center for Resilient Metro-regions(CRM) practices a research and outreach mission focused on sustainable development for rural areas and small industrial cities.  CRM was established in 1985 to undertake a program of applied research focusing on ways that growth can be managed and controlled through actions of local governments and advocacy groups. Measures proposed in Center publications have been studied and adopted throughout the United States and the world. Former associates of the Center (faculty and students) now hold highly significant planning positions in urbanized parts of America, and others are writing about ideas initiated at the Center.

Many LARP studios are coordinated through CRM, providing service learning opportunities for students and benefits for the communities who fund the studios. Communities who are interested in hosting a studio should contact the Center director, Mark Hamin, who will direct the inquiry to the appropriate faculty member.


The UMass Center for Resilient Metro-Regions (CRM) provides planning and applied research toward making communities more economically, socially, and environmentally resilient and vibrant.  Our goal is to help guide communities through complex choices and changing opportunities in climate, infrastructure, energy systems, land use, and housing. CRM faculty and students work together to integrate research and application to build and demonstrate the best of new practices.

CRM was previously the Center for Rural Massachusetts, and has long provided essential planning for smaller communities.  The new CRM expands this mission to include a wider geography and a renewed focus on sustainable, resiliency-building practices.

If you are a community interested in having CRM run a studio with you, please contact Darrel Ramsey-Musolf.

Recent projects include:


Climate Change Adaption Chapter: Marshfield, MA


Revitalization of the Lower Worthington Street District (Springfield, MA)


Prelude to a Master Plan: Ware, Massachusetts

Related research projects include:

SAGE Research Collaboration Network on Sustainable Adaptive Gradients in the coastal Environment

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