Sagar Hiware
Sagar Hiware
Ph.D. Student in Regional Planning

Sagar Hiware
Office: Design Building 478
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Sagar Hiware is a PhD student in the Regional Planning Program at LARP, UMass Amherst. His research interest align at the intersection of economic development, transportation policies and social inequality. Using a multidisciplinary approach he is interested in contributing to the field of research where economic disparity and social inequality can be associated for overcoming the loopholes within the regional development framework. He is a student member of Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) and American Planning Association (APA).   

Sagar holds an undergraduate degree in Architecture and Master in Community Planning from Auburn University, Alabama. He works at the UMass Campus Planning department as a Graduate Planning Assistant. Prior to doctoral studies at UMass, he also worked for private consultancy firm: Crafton Tull Associates based in Arkansas. He is trilingual and enjoys visiting places that offer soothing breeze and serene environs. He is a foodie at heart and loves to cook from time to time.  


  • Graduate Assistant: UMass Campus Planning – (Spring 2019 onwards)
  • Teaching Assistant: Digital Media TA for Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning – (Fall 2018)
  • Research Assistant: Worked under supervision of Dr. Renski – (2017 – 18)