Planning Student Organization

The Planning Student Organization (PSO) is an organization of first- and second-year, dual degree, and part‐time Masters and PhD Regional Planning students. The PSO works together to improve the Department’s curriculum, our academic and community experiences as students, and our professional networks. PSO officers and students help to organize social gatherings, such as potluck lunches, gatherings at local venues, orientation, hikes, graduation festivities, and fundraisers. The PSO also supports a portion of a student’s cost of attendance at planning-related conferences, as well as alumni panels and other networking events.

Fundraising is a very important aspect of the PSO. As a student, you are expected to volunteer for at least one fundraising event during the school year. Without all of us pitching in some of our time, we would not be able to support students attending conferences as well as the end of the year LARP graduation ceremony and celebration. In addition, it’s a great way to bond with classmates, take a break from studies, and have fun!

To learn more visit the PSO Facebook page & Twitter, or read the PSO Student GuidePSO By-Laws.

2021 Spring PSO Officers

Michelle McCue, MRP
Lakota Sandoe, MRP
Nathan Chung, MRP 
Ben Lovejoy, MRP (Shadowing)
Victoria Desclos, MRP
Stephanie Camp, MRP-MS3
Social Chair
Anamaria Georgescu, MRP
APA Liaison
Victoria Desclos, MRP
Graduate Student Senator
Ryan Griffis, MRP-MS3
GEO Steward
Jack Sweeney-Taylor, MRP
Michelle McCue, MRP (Shadowing)
MLA Liaison
Bo Carpen, MLA-MRP
SCD Liaison
Jake Butler, MRP
JEDI MRP Representatives
Lakota Sandoe
Stephanie Camp
*Jake Butler, MRP will be the JEDI SCD representative (Not a PSO position.)