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Project Opportunities

Site Design and Landscaping

Exciting opportunity to work with local, successful entrepreneur. He is building his dream house and looking for site design and landscaping ideas for the property. Owner would like to see various design ideas to expand his vision, as well as get a better understanding of how the components can be situated on the site. While the house plans are already finalized the yard is open to numerous possibilities. He wants to explore landscaping possibilities and include several of the following components: patio, pool, hottub, pool house, fencing, firepit... etc. Designs must be detailed enough to estimate cost of materials and drawings must be in CAD.

The house is located in Newton, MA.
Chuck Stahl


Landscape Design for new home owner

My name is Jen Matoney, and I'm a new home owner. I was hoping to hire a student who might be able to help me with some landscape design work this summer. I'm happy of course to pay him/her hourly. I would love him/her to start as soon as possible. My cell is 401-218-8794 in case they would like to call or text me. I'd so appreciate your assistance.
Many thanks,
Jen Matoney

The Ashland Marathon Park Way Finding Project

The Ashland Redevelopment Authority is looking for a student(s) who would be interested in helping create a design for the additional land and design of some way finding on Main Street downtown, beautifying Main Street and getting people to the Park as well as providing other public notice. The Ashland Redevelopment Authority as part of Urban Renewal Plan has been promoting Marathon Park on Pleasant Street in Ashland, the original starting line of the Boston Marathon in 1897. The Authority is working towards developing a Marathon Hall of Fame and holding the second “Half Marathon” October 27, 2013 starting at “Marathon Park” on Pleasant Street in Ashland. Click here for more information.

Memorial Garden for WEB Du Bois at UMass Amherst

Artist Carrie Mae Weems is seeking a recent graduate or grad student to assist with a Memorial Garden for WEB Du Bios at UMass Amherst. The person would assist with drawings, elevations and building a model of the site. 
    Carrie M. Weems
    5173 Skyline Dr.
    Syracuse, New York 13215
    Studio: 315-422-0170

Garden Design for a private residence 

The client explains:  "We are in the process of redesigning our yard and are interested in some professional advise/guidance. We have a rough idea of what we would like accomplished, but with 16 trees already removed, we are a bit out of our league with where to begin. Our home is in Hadley, and is on roughly 1 acre with some interesting terrain changes and plantings. The goal is low maintenance. Any guidance as far as faculty, alumni or student help in preparing a plan would be appreciated." 
     James Mallet

The Town of Westminster main street design workshop

The Town of Westminster, MA  is in the process of updating its Master Plan and is about to start the Land Use chapter. (Westminister is located on Rt 2, a bit over 1 hour east of Amherst.) As part of the master planning effort, the town will sponsor a "Main Street Design Charrette" in September/October 2013. They are looking for a landscape architect and/or planner with some experience with town center or main street design workshops.
     Michael Di Pasquale 

     Stephen Wallace

Cold Spring Country Club in Belchertown Massachusetts

The golf course and the club house are in the first full year of operation and we are in the process of finalizing the last phase.  The last phase will consist of 50 condo/home units and a 20,000 square ft. banquet facility.  There is a beautiful mountain view and was formally an apple orchard.  The landscape is a huge concern for many reasons but the main concern is that we use a lot of the natural beauty that currently exists. 
     Chris Brunelle
     Bistro 21 at Cold Spring Country Club
     330 Chauncey Walker Street
     Belchertown, Ma 01007