MRP Studio Launches 'Create Our Chicopee' Aldenville Public Engagement Initiative

October 24, 2017

The City of Chicopee Department of Planning & Development has partnered with the University of Massachusetts Amherst Regional Planning Studio to coordinate a public engagement initiative. The goal is to gather opinions from residents and non-residents who live, work, shop, or do other activities in the Aldenville neighborhood. We will use an online survey that consists of a multiple choice and open-ended responses ( The survey can be taken with a computer, smartphone, or by paper. The survey will close on November 10th 2017.

The City of Chicopee selected Aldenville as a pilot study with the ultimate goal of designing a larger public engagement initiative that will query Chicopee residents on the city’s amenities. Aldenville was chosen as it represents a microcosm of the greater City—occupying a central location in Chicopee, reflecting a comparable demographic to the City as a whole. Any and all resident opinions gathered from the survey will inform the greater City-wide public engagement initative.

Planning Director Lee M. Pouliot commented on the initiative, saying that “[it] is important for the City to request feedback from its residents and stakeholders. The purpose of this initiative is to determine the most effective methods for reaching and interacting with Chicopeeans of all ages in 2017 and beyond. We look forward to hearing the voices of caring residents as we continue to strengthen the bonds between the City and the public.”

Residents and stakeholders have responded enthusiastically to this opportunity to engage with the City and the UMass students. Councilor Gary Labrie, who represents Ward 8 and a majority of residents who live in the Aldenville neighborhood, stated that “[the] survey engages residents of Ward 8 and Aldenville in a meaningful fashion. As the Ward Councilor who represents a predominant portion of the neighborhood, I am pleased to know that responses from the community regarding their experiences living in Aldenville will be available for me to consider while serving as their Councilor.”

Mayor Richard J. Kos, who has supported multiple forms of community outreach initiatives and events as Mayor, stated the following: “As public officials serving the residents of Chicopee and the Greater Chicopee community, we have a need to understand the opinions of the public. This survey takes a proactive approach to determining the best steps for engaging with residents on a City-wide basis. We are proud to be a City that cares about its residents’ needs and works every day to improve the quality of life in Chicopee.”

You may access the Create Our Chicopee Aldenville Survey at