Robert Ryan

Professor of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning and Director of the Dual Degree MRP/MLA Program
Ph.D. in Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan, 1997
M.L.A. and M.U.P., University of Michigan, 1995
B.S.L.A., California Polytechnic State University- San Luis Obispo, 1985

Professor Ryan, FASLA is the Graduate Program Director for the Dual Degree Masters' Program in Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning.  His courses have an interdisciplinary framework integrating landscape architects, planners, and allied professionals in order to give students the skills to deal with the increasingly complex interdisciplinary environmental problems.  His course, People and the Environment, shows students from a variety of disciplines how to apply environment and behavior research to design and planning.  He teaches the graduate MLA studio in landscape and greenway planning, senior BSLA integrated experience studio, and a sustainable green infrastructure seminar.

Professor Ryan's research addresses the question: what motivates people to become engaged in sustainable landscape design, planning and management practices that benefit the environment and how does that affect their attitudes and behaviors in the landscape?  His studies in urban parks, rural landscapes, and national forests have shown that people’s connection to nearby nature or landscape (i.e, place attachment) is critical to developing better land stewardship.  A key part of this work has been to understand the landscape patterns that are both ecologically beneficial, as well as perceived as beautiful by local residents. In addition, his research has shown that place attachment can help promote connections between local residents and urban parks, particularly those undergoing ecological restoration.   His research has focuses on visual resource management, greenway and green infrastructure planning, and sustainable site design.  He is a senior researcher on the UMass interdisciplinary graduate education research (IGERT) project to study off-shore wind energy facilities.  

He is the co-principal investigator of the Boston Metropolitan Area Urban Long-term Research Project (ULTRA), a NSF funded study to explore the relationship between socio-economic forces and urban ecosystem patterns and processes across a metropolitan region.  Within this project, his research focuses on using urban green space to ameliorate the challenges facing inner city residents.   See the project web-page:  He is also currently working on a UMass Center for Agriculture project to study local residents' attitudes toward landscape water conservation and stormwater management practices in the Ipswich River Watershed.

Dr. Ryan is the co-author of the award-winning book, With People in Mind: Design and Management of Everyday Nature  with environmental psychologists Stephen and Rachel Kaplan, as well as a recent book chapter in the Sustainable Sites Handbook (edited by Meg Calkins).  He serves on the Editorial Board of the international journal, Landscape and Urban Planning,  and is a technical advisor to the ASLA’s Sustainable Sites Initiative Human Health and Well-being Technical sub-committee. 

315 Hills North, 413-545-6633