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  • Monday, August 25th

    1. Orientation - Graduate Students
      • Welcome to all students. Please contact your adviser or program coordinator for the list of activities.

  • Tuesday, September 2nd

    1. First day of Fall classes
  • Monday, September 15th

    1. Last day to add or drop with no record
    2. Final deadline for submitting Fall Graduate Externship documents
      • Start time: 12:00pm
      • End date: Monday, September 15th
      • End time: 01:00pm
      • Submit all employer documentation along with signed Request for Tuition Waiver / Academic Approval form to the Assistantship Office (517 Goodell Building) by September 15th for Fall semester externships.

  • Thursday, October 9th

    1. Lecture - Fracking -
      • Start time: 03:00pm
      • End date: Thursday, October 9th
      • End time: 04:00pm
      • Annual Tsuan Hua Feng Lecture
        Collaborative Efforts,
        Current Issues and Research
        Priorities in Unconventional
        Gas Development
        Dr. Jared Cohon
        The exploitation of unconventional gas and oil
        supplies using the technique of hydraulic fracturing
        has had a very significant impact on US energy supply
        and use with major economic and environmental
        implications. Western Pennsylvania is at the heart
        of the production of natural gas from the Marcellus
        Shale formation. The region has also seen the
        emergence of unique, collaborative efforts by industry
        and environmental groups to control the impacts
        of shale gas development and to improve the fracking
        process. These efforts will be examined, and current
        issues and research priorities will be discussed.

        Held at the Cape Cod Lounge Student Union.

  • Monday, October 13th

    1. Holiday - Columbus Day - Office closed
  • Tuesday, October 14th

    1. Last day to drop courses with "DR"
    2. Monday class schedule