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  • Wednesday, April 2nd

    1. ISSR summer workshops
      • End date: Saturday, May 31st

        Summer 2014 Workshop Schedule Announced

        Registration is now open for the 2014 summer workshops offered by the Institute for Social Science Research. All workshops are open to faculty and students at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, at the other colleges in the Five College system, and at institutions outside of the Five Colleges.

  • Wednesday, April 23rd

    1. LA 606 -2nd Year MLA Studio
      • Start time: 09:00am
      • End date: Wednesday, April 23rd
      • End time: 12:00pm
      • “Northgate: Redefining US Postwar Urban Renewal in Springfield, Massachusetts”

        Instructors: Frank Sleegers and Michael DiPasquale

  • Monday, April 28th

    1. LA 297D - Sophomore Studio
      • Start time: 09:00am
      • End date: Monday, April 28th
      • End time: 12:00pm
      • “The Heritage Baptist Church, Springfield, MA: Building Scenarios and Site Plans”

        Instructor: Liz Thompson

        TA: Wenjie Lu

    2. LA494LI - Senior Capstone Studio
      • Start time: 01:00pm
      • End date: Monday, April 28th
      • End time: 04:30pm
      • “The Heritage Landscape of Plymouth, Massachusetts: Greenway Planning and Cultural Landscape Design.”

        Instructors: Ethan Carr and Robert Ryan

        TAs: Ivette Banoub and Wenjie Lu

  • Tuesday, April 29th

    1. LC 213 - Landscape Contracting
      • Start time: 08:30am
      • End date: Tuesday, April 29th
      • End time: 11:30am
      • “The Private Garden”

        Instructor: Selene Weber

    2. LA 554 -1st Year MLA Studio
      • Start time: 12:30pm
      • End date: Tuesday, April 29th
      • End time: 03:00pm
      • “Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Stormwater Management for an Urban Watershed, UMass Campus, Amherst, MA ”

        Instructor: Sarah la Cour

  • Wednesday, April 30th

    1. LA 397 -Junior Studio
      • Start time: 03:00pm
      • End date: Wednesday, April 30th
      • End time: 06:00pm
      • “Multifamily Housing and Community Green Space: Addressing the Full Ecological Process, Physical Base, Biotic Community, Cultural Milieu”

        Instructor: Joseph S.R. Volpe

        TA: Meilan Chen