BS-ED Degree Requirements

Students are expected to complete 16 classes for the Environmental Design major, 7 of which are core classes required for all Environmental Design students, regardless of their concentration.

The core curriculum will broadly expose students to the theories and techniques of planning and design.  Core classes prepare students to be engaged in envisioning a more socially and environmentally balanced world through both design and planning.  These courses provide the academic background for understanding a wide range of cultural and ecological aspects of the built environment, past, present and future.  

The following sequence is recommended for the required core classes:

Freshman Year

  • EnvirDes 205 Dynamics of Human Habitation - Spring Semester

Sophomore Year

  • LandArch 547 Landscape Pattern and Process - Fall Semester
  • EnvirDes 543 Landscape Architecture History 1 - Fall Semester
  • EnvirDes 591B Sustainable Cities - Spring Semester

Junior Year

  • EnvirDes 574 City Planning - Fall Semester
  • EnvirDes 394RI Research Issues in Envir Planning & Design (gen ed, IE) - Fall Semester
  • EnvirDes 394A Writing in Environmental Design - Spring Semester
  • Either EnvirDes 291A Intro to Envir Design or EnvirDes 544 Landscape History 2 - Spring Semester

All coursework for the major (core and concentration classes) must be completed with a grade of C- or better.

The remaining 9 classes for the Environmental Design major are selected within a particular concentration and students have many options when considering their concentration course selections.  The four concentrations within the major allow students to focus on particular issues and scales related to design and planning.

Freshman and Sophomore Years

These first two years are primarily devoted to satisfying the University's General Education requirements.  Approximately six General Education courses should be taken in the freshman year, with most of the remaining General Education requirements completed during the sophomore year. (One additional Integrative Experience requirement, EnvirDes 394RI Research Issues, must be taken during the Junior year.)

The Environmental Design program does not have any required General Education courses.  Refer to your degree audit on SPIRE to determine which General Education requirements you have left to fulfill, or consult with your advisor.

Some required courses in the Environmental Design program also fulfill General Education Requirements. However only one of your major course requirements can be double counted as a General Education course.

During their freshman year, students can take EnvirDes 205, Dynamics of Human Habitation, in the spring semester.  Sophomore year students should also take LandArch 547 Landscape Pattern and Process (fall semester) and EnvirDes 591B Sustainable Cities (spring semester). You may also elect to take EnvirDes 543 Landscape Architecture History during the sophomore year (fall semester).

Junior and Senior Years

By the beginning of their junior years, students should select one of the four concentrations and begin taking coursework within that particular concentration.