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Urban and Regional Land Use Planning

Concentration Coordinator: E. Hamin

Core Courses:

  • Tools and Techniques (RP652), focusing on municipal planning, zoning, and subdivision control.
  • Introduction to Land Use (RP645), focusing on introduction to spatial planning, comprehensive planning, low carbon/smart growth principles and state and regional policy.

Recommended Courses:

Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning

  • Sustainable Communities (RP591)
  • Climate Change and Cities (RP 658)
  • Introduction to Urban Design (ED 581X)
  • Urban Design Studio (LA 604)
  • People and the Environment (LA 691E)
  • Landscape Pattern and Process (LA 547)

Other Departments:

  • Public Transportation Systems (CEE 510; statistics prereq)
  • Transportation Systems Analysis (CEE 509; statistics prereq)
  • Courses in Public Policy (601, 602, 605, 697S)
  • Courses in GeoSciences (510, 530, 666, 670)
  • Urban History (HIS 657)
  • Tourism Policy (HT-MGT 633)
  • Hospitality-Financial Management (HT-MGT 693A)