Concentration in Landscape and Environmental Planning

Concentration Coordinator: R. Ryan

This concentration focuses on environmental policy and planning as they relate to preserving, protecting, restoring and enhancing the environmental quality of habitats and landscapes in the context of built form and regional growth. Important knowledge and skills gained in this concentration include landscape assessment, plan formulation and evaluation of landscape units ranging from the site to the watershed and ecosystem scale, and use of Geographic Information Systems as a tool of spatial analysis and assessment

Core Courses:

  • Landscape Pattern and Process (ED/RP 547)
  • Resource Policy and Planning (ED/RP 553) or Sustainable Cities (ED/RP 591b)

Recommended Courses:

  • Air Pollution and Climate Change Biology (ENVIRSCI 504)
  • Case Studies in Land Conservation (NRC 597C) [for 3 credits]
  • Ecosystem Management (NRC 597M)
  • Forest and Wetland Hydrology (FOR 528)
  • The Human Impact on the Natural Environment (GEO 592B)
  • Land Use and Watershed Management (FOREST 697Q)
  • Landscape Planning Studio (LA 536)
  • Landscape Planning Studio II (RP 609/RP 697A) [only if not taken as a core alternative to Planning Studio II]
  • Social Conflict and Natural Resources Policy (NRC 697D)
  • Urban Natural Resource Management (FOREST 597U)
  • Urban Forestry (FOREST 697U)
  • Watershed Science and Management (WFCON 597R)
  • Wetlands Ecology and Conservation (WFCON 768)
  • Wildlife Habitat Ecology and Management (WFCON 564 )