• Welcome back!

    Hills House, Circa 1960
  • Design Building Construction - Feb 1st, 2016

  • Reclaiming Market Place

    Senior Urban Design Studio is Promoting the Holiday Market in Downtown Springfield, MA
  • Call for Abstract - Nature & Culture: Heritage in Context

    May 16-18, 2016 Prague, Czech Republic
  • Design Building Celebration Video

    With a sustainable wood structure the building will open in January 2017.
  • Tactical Urbanism - Grad Urban Design Studio

    Students showcase their Tactical Urbanism interventions to bring attention to underutilized spaces Downtown Springfield in 2015.

Upcoming Events

Why LA&RP?

Our combined department (Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning) provides professionally accredited degrees (MRP, MLA, BSLA), one of the most innovative sustainability-focused undergraduate degrees in the country (Sustainable Community Development), a skills-based 2-year Associate of Landscape Contracting, and a PhD in Regional Planning. We research, design, teach, and do community outreach to create Sustainable Solutions to Complex Problems.

Spotlight Story

  • Professor Henry Renski published a working paper using social media to measure public sentiment and well-being.

    In a new Lincoln Institute working paper, authors Justin Hollander of Tufts University and Henry...
  • Associate Professor Ellen Pader has been named Public Engagement Faculty Fellow by the Public Engagement Project (PEP)

    Pader’s research focuses on housing discrimination, an important cause of segregation that often goes unreported...
  • Welcome new faculty Theodore Eisenman, Assistant Professor

    Prior to arriving at UMass, Theodore was an Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in the Humanities...
  • "The Regional Conservation Partnership Handbook" by Bill Labich, MRP alum

    As a Senior Conservationist at Highstead, Bill Labich facilitates the development and activity of state-wide...
  • Professor Elisabeth Hamin Presenting her research at the ISSR seminar.

    Her research "The Ladder of Adaptation: are communities stepping up?" was presented at the ISSR...
  • Chair designed by Jane Thurber

    Take A Seat! celebrates the wide‐ranging talent and creativity of Valley artists and designers. Exhibition:...
  • Associate Professor Frank Sleegers teaches students at the College Matters For U Program

    Feel Good Friday: LARP Sponsors College Matters For U Program Friday, November 20, 2015 This...
  • LARP new home (Design Building) 'designed by designers for designers to teach design'

    For years, Michael Davidsohn has been teaching landscape architecture at the University of Massachusetts in...
  • The Frank A. Waugh Alumni Board Student Support Fund Receives Major Gift to Create Endowment

    The Frank A. Waugh Alumni Board Support fund was created by a gift from past...