Applied Multivariate Statistics for Ecological Data (ECO 632)



The administration of this course and all relevant polices are described in detail in the course syllabus. This page provides a schedule for lectures, including links to all lecture handouts (slides and notes) and required journal readings.

No. Topic Readings
Part 1: Working with multivariate data
1 What is multivariate statistics? [pdf]

Chapter 1

2 Data screening [pdf]

McCune and Grace (2002: chapter 7); McCune and Grace (2002: chapter 9)


Ecological distance [pdf]

McCune and Grace (2002: chapters 6)

Part 2: Working with groups
4 Finding groups -- cluster analysis [pdf1][pdf2] Chapter 3
5 Testing groups -- multi-response permutation procedure (MRPP), analysis of group similarities (ANOSIM), and Mantel's test (MANTEL) [pdf] McCune and Grace (2002: chapters 24); McCune and Grace (2002: chapter 27); Anderson 2001
6 Discrimination among groups -- discriminant analysis (DA) [pdf1], classification tree analysis (CART) and indicator species analysis (ISA) [pdf2] Chapter 4; De'ath and Fabricius (2000); De'ath (2007)
Part 3: Working with gradients
7 Unconstrained ordination -- pincipal components analysis (PCA)[pdf1], correspondence analysis (CA/DCA) and multidimensional scaling (MDS/NMDS) [pdf2] Chapter 2
8 Constrained ordination -- redundancy analysis (RDA), constrained analysis of principal coordinates (CAP), and canonical correspondence analysis (CCA) [pdf1][pdf2] Chapter 5; Palmer (1993); Ter Braak (1986); Legendre and Gallagher (2001); De'ath (2002)
9 Variance partitioning (decomposition) [pdf] Cushman and McGarigal (2002)
Part 4: Synthesis and summary
10 Summary and comparison of techniques [pdf] Chapter 6;
Johnson (1981);
Rextad et al (1988); Ramette (2007)

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