Landscape Ecology (ECo 621)



This course is modeled after the textbook 'Landscape Ecology in Theory and Practice: Pattern and Process' by Turner, Gardner, and O'Neill, published in 2001 by Springer-Verlag, New York and a similar course taught by Dean Urban at Duke University. The similarity in material is acknowledged here (thanks Monica and Dean!).

The administration of this course and all relevant polices are described in detail in the course syllabus. This page provides a schedule for lectures, including links to all lecture handouts (slides and notes) and required journal readings.

No. Topic Readings
Part 1: Introduction to landscape ecology
1 What is landscape ecology? [pdf]

Chapter 1

2 Importance of scale [pdf]

Chapter 2;
Wiens (1989)


The landscape concept [pdf]


Part 2: Agents of landscape patterns
4 The physical template [pdf] Chapter 4;
Swanson et al. (1988)
5 Biotic processes [pdf] Chapter 4; Watt (1947)
6 Disturbance regimes [pdf] Chapter 7;
Romme et al. (1995);
Reice (1994)
Part 3: Characterizing landscape structure
7 Models of landscape structure [pdf] Chapter 5;
McGarigal et al. (2009)
8 Landscape metrics: conceptual foundation [pdf]  
9 Patch metrics [pdf]  
Part 4: Landscape dynamics
10 Landscape modeling [pdf] Chapter 3


Landscape disturbance-succession models [pdf]

Mladenoff and Baker (1999);
Scheller and Mladenoff (2007)

12 Range of variabilty concepts [pdf] Landres et al. (1999)
13 Landscape dynamics [pdf] Chapter 7; Sprugel (1991); Turner et al. (1993)
Part 5: Implications of landscape structure
14 Populations and communities [pdf] Chapter 8; With and King (2001); Urban et al. (2002)
15 Landscape genetics [pdf]
Manel et al. (2003)
16 Ecosystem processes Chapter 9; Romme et al. (1986);
McKenzie et al. (2007);
Paster et al. (1998);
17 Synthesis and summary [pdf] Chapters 10 & 11

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