A model of vernal pool connectivity
for amphibians in western Massachusetts

Presented at the 10th Annual Meeting of The Wildlife Society, Burlington, Vermont, USA, September 6-10, 2003

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Table of Contents

Title slide

Vernal pool ABC's

Conservation scales 1:  Individual pool

Conservation scales 2:  Upland habitat

Conservation scales 3:  Pool connectivity

Potential vernal pools

Resistant kernel estimator

Kernel estimator

Resistant surface

Resistant surface 2...

Resistant surface 3...

Resistant surface 4...

Resistant surface 5

Resistant kernel estimator, results

Marbled salamander (Ambystoma opacum)

Local & regional scales

Local scale

Regional scale

Regional scale 2

Results: local + regional

Results: example 1

Results: example 2

Sensitivity analysis

Assumptions & limitations

Conservation application

Author: Bradley W. Compton

Email: bcompton@eco.umass.edu

Home Page: http://www.umass.edu/landeco/

Department of Environmental Conservation
Holdsworth Natural Resources Center
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003

Last updated:
12 September 2003