2014 Award and Scholarship Winners

Award winners, from left: Mark Daly, James Villalobos, Veronica Stracqualursi, Brandon Sides, Peter Cappiello, Nia Decaille and Kyle Little

Congratulations to all of the 2014 Journalism Department, SBS and University award and scholarship winners.

Journalism Department Scholarships and Awards

Nia Decaille, class of '15, was awarded the Lawrence Dana Pinkham Memorial Scholarship for her study abroad semester next year in Bangalore, India.

James Villalobos, class of '17, was awarded the Megan S. Daley Scholarship. Villalobos is a first-year student from Springfield with a double major in Journalism and Communication.

Mark Daly, class of '15, will receive the William "Red" Curtain Memorial Scholarship.

Nicholas Canelas, class of '15, will receive the Chester Weinerman Journalism Scholarship.

Mitchell Scuzzarella, class of '15, has won the Thomas Family Scholarship intended to help a student with an unpaid internship in emergent media. He will manage Frontline's social media interns this summer in Boston.

Larosey Burrill, class of '14, and Chris Corso, class of '15, were awarded the Milt Cole Memorial Scholarships for their work as interns last year at the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Brandon Sides has won this year's Robert Crowley Memorial Award for Excellence in Collegian Column Writing. In selecting Brandon's work, the Journalism faculty judges wrote: "Whether his subject is gendered bathrooms, homophobia in Hollywood, or the seemingly capricious cancellations of electronic dance concerts on campus, Brandon Sides writes in an engaging and authoritative style about matters of great importance to those students who seek a more equitable and civil world. He backs his opinions with research, and he burnishes his research with prose that is both clear and lively."

Veronica Stracqualursi has been selected as Journalism's student speaker for the 2014 SBS Graduation Celebration at 1 p.m. Saturday, May 10, in the Mullins Center.

Thirteen graduating seniors were inducted into the KTA Honor Society. They are Jason Roche, Jason Kotoch, Lindsay Davis, Samantha Gillis, Laura Gross, Sorelle Mbakop, Kristina Kulyabina, Logan Bedell, Alexandra Graziano, Eleanor Harte, Allison Ludtke, Lauren Duffy and Conor Snell

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Scholarships and Awards

Brandy Robidoux, Bacherman Internship Award
Peter Cappiello, William W. Field Scholarship
Araz Hazan, Northampton Radio Group
Wendy Brown, SBS Internship Award
Mark William Daly, SBS Internship Award
Vincenza Parella, SBS Internship Award
Mitchell Scuzzarella, SBS Internship Award
Taylor Gilmore, SBS Internship Award
Sorelle Mbakop, Ansin Study Abroad Scholarship
Chelsie Field, Sam Butterfield Daily Collegian Scholarship
Emily Gluck, Bacherman Fellow
Christopher Doherty, Bacherman Fellow
Mackenzie Maynard, Bacherman Fellow

University Awards

Kyle Little, class of '14, has won the University's Academic Engagement for Community Transformation Award, which recognizes leadership, academic excellence and contribution to community through a service-learning course. Kyle was recognized for his work in Prof. Nick McBride's Community Journalism course, which takes Journalism students to Springfield's Commerce High School to help students with their journalism projects. He was selected for the award by the Provost's Committee on Service-Learning.

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