Lesson 11: Adding Plugins and Site Extras

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Step 2: Extras In Action

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Add a jQuery plugin.

jQuery is a JavaScript library that programmers use to create interactivity and animated effects.

Happily, developers also build plugins that you can use that require little more than an understanding of where to paste links in the code.

In Step 3, you can watch an interview with developer Bri Hermanson, who has shared 11 of her favorite plugins. They'll let you create animated slideshows, paralax effects, maps and more.


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Add Google Analytics and Optimize Your Search Results.

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) is a series of practices that try to get your website to appear high in search results.

The data shows just how important high search rankings can be, although it's important to remember that people will also come to your site through social media and direct communication.

If you sign up for Google Analytics, this free tool will let you parse data about who is visiting your site in real time.


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Add Social Media Widgets and Google Fonts.

Social media wants to be everywhere. So it's no surprise that Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Reddit make it easy to put their widgets onto your site. You can usually find out how by searching for the "Developers Page," or using the links above.

Google Fonts continues to grow with new open source serif, sans serif and novelty fonts.

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Step 3: Meet a Web Programmer

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Bri Hermanson is a web programmer and illustrator working independently in Northampton, Massachusetts.

One of the first sites she worked on in 2008 was for the fashion designer Zac Posen. She programmed a CMS that let voters submit pictures to website on Election Day. The site was so novel that CNN did a story.

More recently, she has worked on sites like Margo Jones Architects and Stephen Gardner Illustration, and she programmed the JavaScript in these MOOC lessons.


"JQuery is awesome," says Bri.

In her business, Bri often works with designers to develop Content Management Systems that incorporate interactive functionality. The jQuery library is her go-to source.

Bri has put together a list of her 11 favorite jQuery plugins.
Here they are:

1) Scrolldeck powers the motion on this very page.
2) Flexslider is a highly customizable image slideshow.
3) Maximage creates a full-screen background slider.
4) Masonry lets you flow content into columns.
5) Fancybox pops images over a greyed-out background.
6) Infinite Scroll makes a page endlessly scrollable.
7) Reveal.js lets you create presentation slides.
8) jqPlot aids you in creating charts and graphs.
9) GMaps streamlines incorporating Google Maps.
10) jQuery Paralax layers scrolling at different rates.
11) jCarousel Lite is an image carousel.

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