Major Requirements, Entering Before Fall 2013 Semester

If you joined the journalism major before the Fall 2013 semester, these are the major requirements. There are different requirements in place for incoming majors which can be found here.

1. Journal 300: Newswriting and Reporting. Journalism 300 satisfies the Junior Year Writing requirement.

2.One Advanced Writing/Reporting course. Advanced writing courses are four credits and have Journalism 300 as a prerequisite.

3. Two of the following courses:

4. At least four additional elective courses for a total of at least 26 credits in Journalism courses. All credits must be graded; pass/fail credits do not count toward the major, nor do practicum or internship credits. No more than three credits of Independent Study may be applied to the major.

5. An academic minor in another department or program, except for Communication. Another major or a certificate will also satisfy this requirement. Please note that, if applicable, your minor and Global Education classes may overlap.

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