Thanks to a gift from Lawrence M. and Pamela Price Carpman, the Journalism Department now offers students the opportunity to become Ziff Fellows to advance their professional development. Journalism majors can apply for direct financial assistance to: Attend or present at a professional conference, Submit work for award competitions or Become a member of a professional association. Please complete and return this application to Brian McDermott in S417 ILC or Beth Wallace in S421 ILC. Applications are due by 5 p.m. Nov. 16, 2018. All potential Ziff Fellows must have a signature from a sponsoring journalism faculty member to be considered for financial support. Students may request up to $500. 

Kathy Forde will be participating in Painting, Politics, and Performance: Thomas Hart Benton’s America on Nov. 4, at the Springfield Mueseum. At 3 p.m., Forde will sit on a panel discussion titled "Fake News? Finding the Truth,moderated by Daily Hampshire Gazette Editor Brooke Hauser.

Check out WGBY's Connecting Point interview with Shaheen Pasha, journalism student Josh Murray and the educational coordinator at Hampshire County Jail about the Fall 2017 Social Justice Journalism class that was taught in the jail. 

"We draw on proud journalistic traditions so our students can tell the stories of our community bravely, ethically and creatively."

Brian McDermott, Department Chair

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