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Welcome to the website of the Journalism Program at UMass.

Journalism is a major that prepares its students to work in 21st century media, from newspapers and magazines to broadcasting and online outlets. The major is also good preparation for careers in public relations, teaching, law and other fields. Our students come to us wanting to make a difference in the world, and we strive to prepare them to do just that. 

We believe that good journalism is essential to democracy, and we are committed to communicating that not only to those students who will work in the field but to all students who, as citizens of this society, will rely on journalism to understand their government and the world around them.

Our Journalism program has always emphasized the teaching of good writing, as well as a range of other necessary skills.  Our courses include writing for print, broadcast and online, and our students learn to tell stories on multiple platforms.  The hallmark of all of our courses is a focus on clarity of thought and critical inquiry. 

Journalism majors study the foundations of our field--history, law, media criticism and ethics—which are even more essential in this new world of the 24/7 deadline.  They focus on multimedia, entrepreneurship, narrative journalism, photography, broadcast and many areas of specialty reporting, including sports.  They also do local, regional and national internships and work for our online news site, Amherst Wire, and campus media

Our highly accomplished faculty is committed to teaching.  We pride ourselves on our student-centered major:  teaching small, interactive classes, knowing our students personally and maintaining relationships with our alumni, who work in newsrooms from the New York Times to the Boston Globe, from NBC to NPR, from Yankee Magazine to stateline.org to Politico.  Among our 11 fulltime faculty members are winners of the Pulitzer Prize, the Freedom Forum Journalism Teacher of the Year Award and two winners of the UMass Distinguished Teaching Award. 

All of us have been working journalists, and we continue to do both journalism and scholarly research.  Our scholarly interests range from literary journalism to multimedia to community journalism to women in journalism history.  We work with more than a dozen adjuncts who include editors, reporters and anchors at regional newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations and online news sites.

We are a program that is dedicated, innovative and engaged.  Check out our website and get to know us.  Come by for a visit too. 

All the best,

Karen List

Journalism Department
Integrative Learning Center
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003

Phone: 413.545.1376