Welcome From the Chair

Welcome to UMass Journalism!

As I write this letter, I’m looking out onto Campus Pond from the window of my office in Journalism’s new home: the fourth floor of a showcase state-of-the art building situated in the center of campus. Our new location—the very heart of campus—suggests the importance of Journalism to the greater UMass mission: “to advance knowledge and improve the lives of the people of the Commonwealth, the nation, and the world.” 

UMass is rising, and so is UMass Journalism.

Our new home is built for the digital era: our classrooms, broadcast studio, editing suites and academic spaces are equipped with the latest digital learning and production technologies.

Our new home is also beautiful, and we want you to feel “at home” here. Our common area—we call it “The Hub”—is a gathering space where Journalism students, faculty and staff will spend informal time together everyday. It is our home within the greater university community.

Why study journalism? Why does journalism matter?

Journalism is a public good, and democracy cannot thrive without it. Our students learn journalism not only as a professional practice, but also as a democratic habit of the heart and mind. Our students go on to have careers as journalists—and lawyers, public relations specialists, business owners, CEOs, writers, filmmakers, the list goes on. They are making a positive difference in the world. You can, too.

We are living through a time of incredible change for the news industry, and journalism education must adapt to this change. UMass Journalism is doing just that. At the same time, we are holding fast to the best civic ideals of a journalism that serves democratic ends.

For a student of journalism in the early 21st century, UMass Journalism is a great place to be. I hope you will join us.

Very best,

Kathy Roberts Forde

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