Recent Faculty News and Publications

Professor Nick McBride, right, speaks during the National Conference for Media Reform in April 2011.

Steve Fox participated in an #EdShift chat on Twitter about using social media ethically.

Brian McDermott received a $10,000 Blended Learning Grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation via the Five Colleges. He will develop a series of open online resources on visual storytelling.

Shaheen Pasha wrote "Getting Elected Egypt's President is Nothing Compared to Fixing Its Economy" for Quartz.

Brian McDermott was awarded the 2014 College Outstanding Teaching Award from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Shaheen Pasha was a panelist for a discussion on financial reporting in Asia at the 2014 East-West Center International Media Conference in Yangon, Myanmar.

Brian McDermott
photographed a feature for Bon Appétit magazine on restauranteur Mark Firth and his Great Barrington restaurant.

Yankee magazine, edited by Mel Allen,  is a finalist for the third time in the past five years for the National City and Regional Magazine Awards for Excellence in Writing and Photography award.

Steve Fox continues to blog for Digital First Media, most recently with "These resources will help you pay for your child's college education."

Shaheen Pasha was a guest speaker for Boston University's Metropolitan College class on terrorism. She discussed the current turmoil in the Middle East and the threat of burgeoning terrorist groups amid the political chaos.

Shaheen Pasha wrote a piece for Quartz, "23andMe revealed a condition it took my doctors six years to diagnose."

Shaheen Pasha was a speaker in the Tedx UMass Amherst Professor Showcase on Monday, Nov. 25. In a talk called "What's Your Story?" Pasha talked about how her personal story fits into a journalism career that has spanned three continents.

Madeleine Blais spoke on a panel at the Boston Book Festival as part of the promotion for Houghton Mifflin's "Our Boston: Writers Celebrate the City They Love," edited by Andrew Blauner. She was taped alongside Mike Barnicle, Leigh Montville and Lesley Visser for WBUR's Morning Edition with Bob Oakes.  Proceeds from each book sold will be donated to the Boston One Fund.

Brian McDermott wrote about his experience teaching the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) at UMass Amherst for the current issue of UMass Magazine.

Brian McDermott, Steve Fox and Razvan Sibii have been nominated for this year's Distinguished Teaching Award. Karen List and Nick McBride have won the award in the past.

Razvan Sibii was interviewed on webTV about the Romanian prime-minister's recent visit to the United States. The interview is in Romanian.

Brian McDermott took the pictures and wrote "Vineyards of the Berkshires and Pioneer Valley" for the Boston Globe's Sunday Travel section.

Madeleine Blais shared the books she requires for her Diaries, Memoirs and Journals class with Nieman Storyboard.

Karen List wrote "Performing Miracles in Emily's Name," an op-ed for the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Steve Fox blogs regularly on parenting and technology for Digital First Media.

Brian McDermott published an article in Quartz Magazine arguing that it's time for media organizations to invest in better web design.

The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine featured "Building a Basic Website," taught by Brian McDermott, as one of the eight "most interesting" MOOCs in the region.

Shaheen Pasha wrote a column about the "Burqa Avenger" for Quartz Magazine.

Brian McDermott photographed an assignment about the Massachusetts Green High-Performance Computing Center and economic development in Holyoke for CommonWealth magazine.

Shaheen Pasha wrote "Dubai’s towering skyscrapers are built by a 'horrifically exploitative labor system'” for Quartz Magazine.

Brian McDermott is teaching the first Massive Open Online Class (MOOC) at UMass Amherst. You can read an article about the class in the Hampshire Gazette.

Brian McDermott wrote a piece for the National Press Photographers Association called "Students, Spot News and the Boston Bombing." He also photographed recent assignments for Quartz and CommonWealth Magazine.

Shaheen Pasha edited a 16-page special report on Islamic Finance for The Times of London.

Steve Fox was interviewed by New England Public Radio about the Investigative Journalism's partnership with The Huffington Post.

Steve Fox participated in the RJI Digital Newsbook Catalog "Telling the Truth and Nothing But," which offers practical guidelines for addressing plagiarism and fabrications in news outlets and journalism education.

Razvan Sibii used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain documents on the court martial trial of a U.S. Marine who, in 2004, killed a Romanian rock star in a car accident in Bucharest. The article (link in Romanian) was published in Sibii's blog, which is hosted on the website of one of Romania's biggest daily newspapers.

Shaheen Pasha published three pieces in Quartz, "HSBC shuts out Iranian, Libyan, and Syrian clients—unless they’re seriously rich," "How Qatar University's Language Policy is Holding Back Students" and "Egyptians, Read These Three Charts Before You Shun Qatar's Aid and Burn Its Flag."

"Is $500 Enough for Enduring the Cruise from Hell?" asked Brad Tuttle in an article for Time Magazine.

B.J. Roche published "The Oldest Lady in the (Conference) Room" on the Fiftyshift blog she writes for

Steve Fox took part in a panel discussion on "Navigating the Challenges in Social Media Ethics," at the Journalism Interactive Conference at the University of Florida on Feb. 9.

Steve Fox's chapter entitled "Wired: Sports and the Digital Age," has been published in: "American History Through American Sports."

Brian McDermott is exhibiting a selection of his documentary photo project "Saturday Night" at the Flying Object gallery. You can hear his interview about the show with New England Public Radio here.

Brian McDermott wrote about the top five photojournalism stories of 2012 for the National Press Photographers Association.

Steve Fox wrote "UMass Student Death Challenges University's Right to Restrict Information" for Poynter Online.

B.J. Roche was one of several UMass faculty who took part in the New Legislators Workshop held by the UMass President's Office on the Amherst campus. Her panel looked at social media, communication and public relations for the newly-elected Massachusetts legislators.

B.J. Roche was selected as one of 12 fellows to the 2013 Scripps Howard Journalism Entrepreneurship Institute. The program is held at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University in Phoenix. This program will help her develop a concentration in Entrepreneurial Journalism for UMass students.

Steve Fox and B.J. Roche were nominated for the 2012 Distinguished Teaching Award, UMass Amherst's highest recognition of teaching excellence.

Steve Fox interviewed alum and reporter S.P. Sullivan about covering Hurricane Sandy.

As part of the 100th birthday celebration of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, 23 of the organization's founding members, including Robert W. Neal of Massachusetts Agricultural College (now UMass Amherst), were recognized and celebrated along with their academic homes at this summer's convention in Chicago.

Online Journalism Certificate instructor Karen Skolfield has just won the 2012 First Book Award for poetry at Zone 3 Press. Her manuscript, "Frost in the Low Areas," will be published fall 2013.

Nick McBride was awarded both the SBS College Outstanding Teacher award and the Distinguished Academic Outreach Award for Outreach in Teaching.

Brad Tuttle recently appeared on CNN to discuss the trend of adult children moving back in with their parents, and was a guest on Boston's NPR station talking about fake online reviews of products, services, and hotels. He covered both topics for TIME, where he is a regular contributor.

Brian McDermott exhibited a selection of photographs from an ongoing project on farmers under 30 at the Northampton Center for the Arts.

Razvan Sibii appeared on a list of the "Top 100 Romanians Who Make Things Happen" compiled by Foreign Policy Romania.

Brian McDermott published an article and accompanying video on glass artist Josh Simpson for Boston Magazine's spring Home issue.

Brad Tuttle published an article about J.C. Penney's new CEO and another about hybrid electric cars for Time Magazine.

B.J. Roche was awared a grant by the Open Education Initiative to develop a set of resources for Entrepreneurial Journalism and Media Management courses.

Nancy Cohen reported a three-part series for Vermont Public Radio on families that lost their homes because of the flooding caused by Hurricane Irene.

Steve Fox published his take on social media and Joe Paterno's death in the Online Journalism Review.

Brian McDermott took portraits of the new 22-year-old mayor of Holyoke, Alex Morse, for a story in CommonWealth Magazine.

Razvan Sibii published an article based on interviews with Occupy Wall Street protesters in Foreign Policy Romania. He also recently published an article titled "National Identity Through Prototypes and Metaphors: The Case of 'Romanianness'" in the Journal of Global Initiatives.

Brian McDermott published an article in the Online Journalism Review about how the subjects of visual journalists are becoming warier of having their image published in the media, and how commercial face recognition software could make this wariness even more acute.

Brian McDermott wrote a three-part series about designing and building a portfolio website for the National Press Photographers Association's Visual Student blog, a website he helped redesign. You can also read the transcript of a live chat he participated in with photojournalism students from around the country.

B.J. Roche published a travel essay in The Boston Globe about two French chapels designed by Henri Matisse and Jean Cocteau.

Brad Tuttle won the Silver Medal in the 2011 Folio Awards for his "Trip Coach" column in Budget Travel. He also wrote two recent stories for Real Simple magazine, "Best Days to Do Christmas Online Shopping" and "Why Do Children Lie, Cheat, and Steal?"

Nancy Cohen has been covering the aftermath of Hurricane Irene in Vermont for Vermont Public Radio and NPR. You can listen to her stories about Vermonters trapped by washed-out bridges and how the cleanup affected local businesses and individuals.

Steve Fox wrote a piece for the Daily Hampshire Gazette entitled "Ten Years Later, Still Sifting Mentally Through the Wreckage."

Nancy Cohen reported on the tornados that hit western Massachusetts and the floods associated with Hurricane Irene for public radio.

Brian McDermott published an editorial about preserving access for visual journalists for Free Press on their site.

Karen List published an article in the Daily Hampshire Gazette, "Why Courts Are Still Leery of the Media," in which she argues that courts have never been comfortable with the media, and certainly not 21st century media technology.

Karen List published an essay, "Dancing with Bonnie," in the book Extraordinary Healers, published by CURE Media Group.

Nick McBride presented on "Local Journalism That Made a Difference" at the National Conference for Media Reform.

Razvan Sibii published a Romanian-language article profiling Ahmed Naguib, one of the youth leaders of the Egyptian revolution in Adevarul.

Steve Fox published "Washington Post Plagiarism Case Challenges Educators Who Tell Students Not to Break the Rules" for

Brian McDermott published "An Ad Buyer's S.E.O. Advice for Online Publishers" in the Online Journalism Review.

Steve Fox published an editorial, "On Parenting Text-Happy Teens," in the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Brad Tuttle, a blogger for, wrote an article about a web company encouraging job seekers to offer cash rewards for job leads for the print version of the magazine.

Steve Fox published an editorial, "Parsing News Value Amid Tragedy," for the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Karen List published an article on "the right to publicity" in the Daily Hampshire Gazette. Does an Arizona State quarterback have the same right to his likeness that the Supreme Court granted to a human cannonball in 1977?

Razvan Sibii delivered a presentation titled "The Easy Example: Pedagogical Convenience or Clever Distraction?" on Nov. 14, at the National Communication Association's Annual Convention in San Francisco.

Nancy Cohen moderated a gubernatorial candidate forum in Connecticut on energy and the environment at Yale's School of Forestryand Environmental Studies.

Brian McDermott photographed and wrote a feature in Boston Magazine's Fall Home issue.

Madeleine Blais wrote about teaching journalism in Bulgaria for Nieman Reports.

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