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Connie Griffin

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Connie Griffin earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Tulsa (1981), a master's from Boston College (1984), and a doctorate from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (1998). She has committed her career to the exploration of self, story and society. Her book, To Tell the Truth: Practice and Craft in Narrative Nonfiction, published by Pearson/Longman in 2009, provides guidance in writing memoir and personal reportage, profiles, essays, and literary journalism.

Connie’s teaching and research interests are diverse with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and cross-cultural studies. Connie’s research explores representations of marginalized identities in multicultural contexts and the tension that exists between self-representation and cultural (mis)representation.  She is interested in storytelling in all its many forms and in the journalist’s role in furthering cultural literacy and cross-cultural dialogue in a globalized world. Her academic publications have appeared in the books Literature and the Writer (Rodopi Press) and He Said, She Says: An RSVP to the Male Text (Fairleigh Dickinson UP), as well as in the journals, Style and Concerns (Modern Language Association). Her forthcoming co-edited book, Crooked Letter I, is an original collection of first-person narratives addressing the distinct nature of “coming out” in the South. She has taught in Boston College's Creative Writing, Women’s Studies, First-Year Seminar, Capstone and Continuing Education Programs, as well as Curry College's Blue Hills Writing Institute and Commonwealth Honors College’s Interdisciplinary Seminars and Capstone Experience courses.

As chair of various panels and roundtables for the Modern Language Association (MLA), Connie brought creative writers, journalists, and critics into dialogue with one another. She served on the editorial board of Woman of Power Magazine (Cambridge, MA) and as guest editor for the magazine's International Feminism issue and has written numerous reviews and review essays for Sojourner newspaper and The Lesbian Review of Books. As Media Relations Director for the University of Tulsa, Connie oversaw public relations and served as community and broadcast media liaison. She was producer and host of University FOCUS, a weekly educational television program directed by faculty and produced by students. Her features and profiles have appeared in Tulsa Magazine and the University of Tulsa Magazine.

Her journalism courses include the Seminar in Magazine Writing (face-to-face and online), Principles of Public Relations, Gender, Journalism and Cultural Contexts, Objectivity to Attitude: Forms of Contemporary Journalism, and the Capstone Project course, Truth/Telling: Narrative Journalism in All Its Guises.

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