• The Journalism Department Moved to the Integrative Learning Center in 2014

    Scroll through these images for a virtual tour of our new home in the ILC in the heart of campus. 

  • The Howard M. Ziff Gallery

    • Our gathering space, where we host guest speakers and community events and students study, work and visit with faculty every day
    • HD video projection and wireless mics available 
    • ​Dedicated to Howard M. Ziff, the founding chair of the journalism program at UMass

  • Three Multimedia Classrooms

    • HD projection plus large wall-mounted flat panel display for presenting
    • 16 state-of-the-art 27" iMacs plus an instructor's station in each classroom
    • The latest version of all Adobe Creative Cloud apps and Microsoft Office
    • Gigabit speed network connections


  • Television Broadcast Studio

    • State-of-the-art broadcast studio equipped for television news production
    • Three HD Professional Grass Valley LDX series cameras
    • AP ENPS news production system
    • 16 iMac workstations with the Adobe Creative Suite apps


  • Broadcast Studio Control Room

    • Multi-display of up to 32 video sources
    • Professional video production switcher
    • Audio room with professional audio mixer with 48 audio inputs
    • Fully equipped and designed for television news production


  • Communication and Journalism Equipment Room (the CAJE)

    • Professional camera kits assembled for electronic news gathering
    • Portable video, audio and photography equipment
    • Students have access to the CAJE for course- related projects


  • Six Editing Suites

    • State-of-the-art 27" iMacs
    • Professional microphones in a soundproofed space
    • The latest version of all Adobe Creative Cloud apps and Microsoft Office
    • Intercom and switching connections to the broadcast studio


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Space Rentals

During the summer and university breaks, our facilities are available for use. Please contact us with inquiries.