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Travel Tips

We'll start collecting travel tips and put them here.

Here's the first few:

Money Issues

Don't carry a lot of cash. ATM cards work in Sicily. So do credit cards. Your PIN number should be 6 or fewer digits. Traveler's checks are secure but hard to use. You could choose to carry a few for emergencies, but your ATM card is more convenient for every day use. Call your bank(s) and tell them you'll be using your credit/ATM card in Italy so the security program doesn't put a hold on your transactions. Make sure the magnetic stripe is healthy or get the card replaced now.


Don't ever put film in the bag that you intend to check. The new X-ray security systems for checked baggage are so powerful that even lead film bags will not protect the film. The best method is to use a special lead-lined film bag and send it through the passenger X-ray. Security will then hand inspect the film and let you pass. Sometimes they will agree to hand inspect film in zip-lock bags if you ask, but don't count on it. One or two passes will not hurt 200 speed film. More than that is at least questionable. Try to minimize the number of times through the machine or use the lead bag.



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