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391R Course Information

Check this page often during the semester for new documents.

Camera Issues 2008
Film or Digital?

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Check here for answers to the questions that everybody asks.

Course Syllabus

Here you'll find the required books, meeting times, and an outline of our goals.


Our day to day schedule of events in Sicily.

Travel Photography 101

This essay will help you re-think the way you use your camera on the road.

Top 10 Ways to be an American Tourist
This list will help you fit in and bond with other American tourists.

Additional Reading
Here's a list of books about Sicily, Photography, and Travel Writing that you might wany to read. We'll add to this list all during the semester as we discover new things.

Packing List

What to take and not to take to Sicily. Packing light and well is very important this year.

Bill Maher on Airport Security Post 9/11
Great humor and much wisdom on getting through the airport.

Journalism 391R Food Policy
: Tasting new food is part of the travel experience.


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