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Looking for a quick bite to eat or a special place for you and your sweet heart?  Check out our recommendations for some of the sweetest eats around.

Sugar Houses
by Lauren Gallagher

Fluffy pancakes, golden waffles, French toast- -whether they be occasional treats or Sunday traditions, they help bring us back home. And what is that buttery pancake without maple syrup? Especially in New England, this time-honored treat is an essential condiment for the perfect morning feast. (full article)

Pigging out in style
by Michael Di Natale

I find that more often than not, when someone recommends a restaurant to you the actual experience is a let down to the hype that the person has buried the place in. I can assure you that this is not one of those cases. (full article)

A sandwich shop with European flair
By Regina Lynch
A panini is an Italian sandwich, flattened in a grill. The bread is a soft baguette, pressed thin and lightly crusted with salt and herbs. The sandwiches may seem small at first, but donít be fooled. At Andiamo, a sandwich shop almost hidden in a small plaza on Route 116 in Amherst , they are chock full of meats, vegetables, and cheeses and will leave you more than satisfied. (full article)

Amanouz Cafť
By Cameron Methner
So Iím sitting in Northampton in a small cafť and I am stuffed. I mean I am so full it would be a bad idea to move. Since there are people waiting for my table I get up anyway even though the waistline of my jeans is protesting loudly, very loudly. I have just finished a large dinner that cost less than 10 bucks. It was a swordfish steak, vegetables, and rice, and well worth it. I went and ate at the Amanouz Cafť. It is my first meal at Amanouz but it will definitely not be my last. (full article)

House of Teriyaki
By Joshua Pollock
If you canít judge a book by its cover, you certainly canít judge a restaurant until you walk inside Ė especially this one. Faded awnings on the building hang over plain white siding with a brick front, and the stairs are covered in that fake grass carpet you normally find on a miniature golf course. (full article)

Try something different at Oasis Restaurant
By Mei Mei Thai
My friends and I were smoking sweet apple- and strawberry-flavored tobacco by inhaling deeply through a hookah pipe. Perfectly legal. A couple of us felt light-headed, but it was only a temporary buzz. We lounged there on the floor at the back of the Oasis Restaurant and Cafť in West Springfield, Massachusetts, laughing at the inexperienced shisha-smokers, while they watched the pros release smoke rings from their mouths. But, this was just after we had a filling meal. (full article)

Loosen up at the goose
By Amanda Koeck

It was around 1:30, I just got out of class and I was starving. Itís gotten to the point that the only place that I can tolerate eating at on campus is the Whitmore Cafť; quite frankly, Iíve had enough of that too. I had some time to kill before I had to start yet another dumb assignment for one of those classes I would have dropped if Iíd realized it in the two weeks they give at UMass to decide those things. I got on the next bus headed downtown and then hopped off at the stop across from the Western Massachusetts Bank. (full article)

Through the Alleyway
By Megan Daley
One day, as I walking into Amherst center in search of a good meal, I noticed a little sign on Pleasant street pointing down and alleyway, advertising the "Thai Corner." I had never tried Thai food before, but I'm always open to a new taste experience. So, I slipped down the narrow alleyway, big enough for one person only. (full article)

The Tunnel Bar
By Keon Ruiter

I raised the oversized glass to my lips and could smell the potent scents of different liquors mingling together in the glass. It was my first martini ever, chocolate-raspberry flavored, for only eight bucks. I took a small taste, it was a chocolaty sting; Iím not a big drinker, so I had to choke down the first few sips, but after awhile, I began to enjoy it. (full article)


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