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Want to expand your mind?  Try these fun and educational locations.

Hoop hall welcomes all
by Joshua Pollock

I’ve been at school in Amherst for almost three full years, and have driven by the new Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield hundreds of times. It’s hard to miss that massive silver dome accompanied by the bright orange sphere atop the silver spire. Every time I drive by a glimmering thought at the back of my head resonates. “I need to go there,” I say to myself, paying attention to the surrounding traffic. (full article)

Re-living childhood at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art
by Keon Ruiter

One day, a few weeks ago, I found myself drawing lots of triangles on a small sheet of paper with crayons. I was sitting in a tiny children’s chair, only about two feet off the ground in a pleasant sunlit room. I must have been the only adult there. When I was done doodling, I took a small container of blue watercolor and completely painted over my masterpiece. 
(full article)

The Day I wore My Magic Wings
by Jason Butynski

When I first heard that I was being sent to report on a “butterfly conservatory,” I said what most guys like myself would say in a similar situation: “Damn!” I am a guy who likes sitting around in his boxers and white T-shirt, drinking beers and watching football. I don't do butterflies. (full article)

Emily Dickinson Houses and Museum
by Megan Daley

I've always loved going to an old home, like Monticello and Mount Vernon where famous people I've read about have lived. I always feel like some part of them may rub off onto me, that I will be struck by the inspiration that made them great when I stand among their belongings and see the things they saw when they were alive. (full article)

Go back in time...
by Regina Lynch

Historic Deerfield is, at first glance, on a road like any other. Fourteen house-museums are nestled in an actual neighborhood in Deerfield, Mass., and the Flynt Center of Early New England Life shares the street with Deerfield Academy. However, as I surveyed the mile-long, tree-lined street, I realized I was looking at history. (full article)



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