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    Historic Sites
Some places are meant to just be enjoyed.  Check out these wonder sites.

Emily Dickinson Houses and Museum
by Megan Daley

I've always loved going to an old home, like Monticello and Mount Vernon where famous people I've read about have lived. I always feel like some part of them may rub off onto me, that I will be struck by the inspiration that made them great when I stand among their belongings and see the things they saw when they were alive. (full article)

Go back in time...
by Regina Lynch

Historic Deerfield is, at first glance, on a road like any other. Fourteen house-museums are nestled in an actual neighborhood in Deerfield, Mass., and the Flynt Center of Early New England Life shares the street with Deerfield Academy. However, as I surveyed the mile-long, tree-lined street, I realized I was looking at history. (full article)

Mount Tom
by Mei Mei Thai

It's 9:30 a.m. A bit early for a UMass Amherst student, like myself, to wake up during the winter season when it's not for a class. Luckily, it's 40F on this Monday morning in early March. Snow covers the ground, but its not too cold for an escape to Mount Tom State Reservation. So my friend, Khanh Tran, and I take off to check it out. (full article)


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