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A voyage in time
by Regina Lynch

The first thing that caught my eye was a ceremonial drum. It was brilliantly colored, its skins dyed blue and red with gold roping. I imagined a soldier bravely playing it in a battle hundreds of years ago. Gazing at the drum through its glass case, I could almost hear its slow and steady sound, beating out the time of hundreds of soldiers’ footsteps.

Visitors to Historic Deerfield will no doubt have similar experiences to mine. The 13 colonial-era houses that make up the “museum” are full of more than 25,000 objects made or used between 1650 and 1850. The houses themselves are an historical collection, clustered along a mile-long neighborhood among more modern, family-filled houses. The street is full of life and character, with the beautiful stoic trees that surround the houses pulsing with history in their aged trunks and branches.
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Historic Deerfield 
Deerfield, MA
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